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Vision, Values, motto & mission

Young people are at the heart of everything we do at Banksia Park International High School. We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of our school population, value and respect individuals and actively support students to learn, flourish and realise their aspirations. We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive academic, vocational and extension curriculum. We focus on world-class learning, international awareness, and standards of excellence, and are committed to ensuring local and international students share the benefits of our internationally recognised and accredited school. We foster a passion for learning and improvement, underpinned by a foundation of skills in literacy, numeracy, information technology, leading to high educational outcomes.

                                                                          Our Vision: Educating for Global Futures

Our community are committed to Educating for Global Futures. To us, this means:

  • Preparing students, staff and families for success
  • Fostering empathy
  • Equipping students to excel, anywhere they go
  • Providing authentic learning experiences
  • Valuing inclusivity & diversity
  • Committing to respectful relationships
  • Valuing transferrable skills and personal responsibility

                                                                                  Our Values: PIRKU (community)

At Banksia Park International High School, our Values sit at the heart of our education and together with the school’s vision of “Educating for Global Futures” guide our community in making meaningful local and global impact. Our Values prepare students as holistic learners and change agents to navigate a diverse and interconnected world where they understand and practice their role as global citizens, innovative thinkers and lifelong learners making positive contributions to society.

P             perseverance – we will persevere through challenges, embrace discomfort, learn from mistakes while striving for excellence and continuous growth.

I               integrity – we will do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

R             respect & responsibility – we are respectful and take responsibility for ourselves, others and our community. Our interactions and communication are guided by kindness.

K             knowledgeable, ambitious learners – we are learners who are open-minded and driven by learning success.

U             unity – we embrace, accept and celebrate our similarities and differences.

                                                                        Our Motto: Be the best version of ourselves

Our students and staff commit to being the best version of themselves, always. It is this motto we use to coach each other, challenge each other and together, find our best way forward.

                                                                  Our Mission: Learner Agency – every student, every day

Students are learner agents driving their own academic programs, social developments, and commitments to the greater good. At BPIHS, we believe every student is a leader of their own learner agency as they learn and thrive.

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