Banksia Park International High School

Specialist Soccer Program

The Specialist Soccer program is available for students from years 9 to 12. The program offers students of all abilities and backgrounds the opportunity to learn about the game of soccer (international football). The program not only looks at improving the skills of the individual, but also gives them the knowledge to develop training programs, and obtain Football Australia accredited referee’s licences and coaching certificates. Students have the opportunity to experience organising a soccer carnival (Banksia Cup), gaining an invaluable experience with sports administration. The soccer program provides students with a greater understanding of the world game, but at the same time gives them a very good grounding in physical education concepts, sport technology, sports administration, analysis and evaluation, and community engagement. Students will have numerous opportunities to represent the school in 5-aside and 11-aside soccer. It is an expectation that students who select the course will represent the school in soccer.

Our program runs in line with the Football Australia (national soccer) curriculum and is unique in that is inclusive to all students not just the elite. BPIHS has ties with Football South Australia (FSA) and national A-League club, Adelaide United. This has enabled many benefits for our students including FSA delivered and accredited courses, watching Adelaide United matches, and previously we have had a student from our school win a scholarship to travel with Adelaide United for an Asian Champions League away game in Japan.  Adelaide United attend the Banksia Cup and have run training sessions with students.

Year 9 Specialist Soccer

  • Small sided games
  • Small sided games and individual skills (ie: running with the ball, striking the ball, first touch and 1V1)
  • Fitness Testing (What’s your level of fitness, what fitness components are important to a soccer player)
  • Full game principles (Tactics, formation, attacking and defensive principles of play, basic rules)
  • Play an 11-aside match vs another year 9 PE class
  • SEPEP – (In class 5-aside soccer carnival. Students referee, coach, score, write reviews)
  • Theory Component: Basic sports injury management, research task on Asian Champions League team.

Year 10 Specialist Soccer

  • Coach primary school students
  • FSA grassroots, skills training, and game training coaching certifications
  • Principals of play (defensive & offensive)
  • Tactical development and analysis
  • Sport specific technology (Game tracka GPS/HR monitors) and energy systems.
  • Refine individual technique
  • Theory Component: Core skills analysis, energy systems (related to soccer)

Year 11 Specialist Soccer

  • FSA Level 4 & rules of the game certificate
  • Organise and run Banksia Cup (5-aside carnival, primary schools in local area involved)
  • Principals of play (defensive & offensive)
  • Tactical development and analysis
  • Refine individual technique
  • Theory Component: Coach development task

Year 12 Specialist Soccer (Integrated Learning)

  • Soccer practical (development and application of practical skills)
  • Community refereeing (linked to Level 3 referee certificate)
  • Intra-school coaching (coach year 7 students as part of their transition to high school)
  • Intra-school soccer tournament (organise and execute a year 7 wellbeing soccer tournament as part of the year 7 transition to high school)
  • Fitness self-development program (aimed at improving an aspect of fitness relevant to a professional soccer player over a 4-6 week cycle)
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