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“To succeed in this ever-changing world, students need to be able to think like entrepreneurs: resourceful, flexible, creative, and global.”

Professor Yong Zhao: Foundation Distinguished Professor, University of Kansas

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Step into the world of endless possibilities at The Future Academy – our entrepreneurial pathway, where innovation meets imagination! Our specialist program at Banksia Park International High School goes beyond the conventional classroom experience to immerse students in a dynamic environment of problem-solving and creativity.

In The Future Academy, students embark on a thrilling journey to tackle real-world challenges head-on, equipped with the tools of design thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset. Imagine brainstorming ground-breaking solutions, collaborating with peers, and bringing ideas to life—all while having a blast!

But that’s not all! The Future Academy offers a plethora of exciting opportunities to enrich learning. From engaging with industry-leading businesses to hearing from inspiring guest speakers, every day is an adventure. Plus, our students get to venture out on captivating excursions that bring learning to life in the most unexpected ways.

The best part? The Future Academy is designed to track your progress using a capability tracker, guiding you from a novice to an expert by the end of your time here. Forget about traditional grades—this program focuses on nurturing your skills and talents, ensuring that you’re fully prepared to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Join us at The Future Academy and ignite your passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, and making a meaningful impact on the world! Your future starts here.

The Future Academy Journey and Beyond – In addition to honing their entrepreneurial mindset, students at The Future Academy engage in a progressive venture journey throughout their time in the program. In Year 7, they delve into school ventures, applying their skills within the school community. By Year 8, students advance to local ventures, tackling challenges within their surrounding neighbourhoods. In Year 9, the focus shifts to social ventures, empowering students to address broader societal issues. Finally, in Year 10, students study a Stage 1 course embarking on global ventures, expanding their horizons to tackle challenges on a worldwide scale.

This gradual progression ensures that students not only develop their entrepreneurial capabilities but also gain invaluable experience in making a positive impact at various levels of society. Their journey continues into Year 11 and 12, where they have the opportunity to choose from a range of other entrepreneurial courses such as Business and Innovation, Venture Hustle, Architecture and Entrepreneurial Solutions, or Cafe Skills, further enriching their skill set and preparing them for diverse career paths.

How to apply for The Future Academy?

The selective entry process to The Future Academy is available to students currently in year 6 who will begin high school in 2025. Students from within or outside our school zone are able to apply. Students need to commit to follow the entrepreneurial pathway from years 7 to year 10.



  • Complete the online application form which can ben accessed via this link
  • Provide your latest school report.
  • Provide a signed letter of recommendation from either your current or previous years teacher.
    Download letter via link under photo
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