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Entrepreneurial Specialist Program


“To succeed in this ever-changing world, students need to be able to think like entrepreneurs: resourceful, flexible, creative, and global.”

Professor Yong Zhao: Foundation Distinguished Professor, University of Kansas

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The Entrepreneurial Specialist program aims for students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through innovative and creative approaches to learning.

Entrepreneurial learning is a pedagogical strategy utilised by teachers at Banksia Park International High School as a way to build and strengthen certain capabilities identified as creating an entrepreneurial mindset such as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.

This style of education enables all students to be successful in any field of study or career of their choosing in an ever-changing world. With a strong focus on student agency, we provide opportunities for students to take control of their learning experiences.

Features of entrepreneurial learning include identifying and investigating real world problems and opportunities, creating authentic and innovative products or services of value to others, working in teams, using a design thinking process and experimentation over an extended period of time.

Through this specialist program students will increase their ability to define and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities and will work with communities, industries and universities to develop as agents of innovation, renewal and growth.

The specialist program is encapsulated within the Australian Curriculum’s Humanities and Social Sciences. The knowledge and entrepreneurial skills students develop through the program lead to entrepreneurial focused subjects that students can select in their senior years.

How to apply for the Entrepreneurial Specialist program

The selective entry process to the Entrepreneurial Specialist Program is available to students currently in year 6 who will begin high school in 2023. Students from within or outside our school zone are able to apply. Students need to commit to follow the entrepreneurial pathway from years 7 to year 10.



  • Complete the online application form which can ben accessed via the link – NOW CLOSED
  • Provide your latest school report.
  • Provide a signed letter of recommendation from either your current or previous years teacher.
    Download the teacher recommendation letter here
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