Banksia Park International High School

Our Parents

Parents can access daymap from the homepage of our website. In the top right hand corner – click on portal – parent daymap. or click  See downloads for more information.

Daymap is the learner management software program that our school uses to monitor attendance, communicate with students and families and provide access to resources for teaching and learning at home and at school.

Parents can use daymap connect to stay informed about their child’s progress through the parent portal page. Parents will be able to view their child’s attendance details, see homework requirements, view assessment tasks and student results.

Parents can create and manage their own accounts for daymap connect, requiring only one login and password per parents to access details for their child/ren.

Your email address that has been given to the school is the email address used to create & logon to your account.  If you change your email address you must advise the school as soon as possible otherwise your logon will not work.

Please phone the school on 8264 8122 before 8.45am if your child will be absent from school.

Please give your child’s full name, year level and reason for being absent.

Please provide a written note in your child’s daily planner if your son/daughter is required to leave school during the school day for legitimate reason.

All students with severe health issues (eg anaphylaxis / EpiPen, seizures, diabetes) need to annually supply the school with a health care plan as soon as possible.

The relevant document can be obtained from us to take to your doctor for completion.

Please ensure you choose the correct form for the health issue – if more than one health issue you will need a form for each.

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