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Vision, Priorities & Values

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Young people are at the heart of everything we do at Banksia Park International High School. We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of our school population, value and respect individuals and actively support students to learn, flourish and realise their aspirations. We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive academic, vocational and extension curriculum. We focus on world-class learning, international awareness, and standards of excellence, and are committed to ensuring local and international students share the benefits of our internationally recognised and accredited school. We foster a passion for learning and improvement, underpinned by a foundation of skills in literacy, numeracy, information technology, leading to high educational outcomes.

Our vision
Banksia Park International High School is a contemporary secondary school for students from years 7 to 12.
We provide a world class education with academic standards of excellence and positive learning experiences within a challenging and supportive environment. Our picturesque surrounds with expansive spaces and native flora make our school unique and add to our harmonious culture.

Our priorities
Our school priorities identify the strategies and actions for our school over the years 2020-2022. Our focus is on outcomes for young people demonstrated through academic achievement and through acts of citizenship within our school and the wider community.

Priority 1
High quality teaching and learning
We focus on high quality teaching that supports excellence in student learning. Our pedagogical agreement defines the essential practices that we commit to as teachers, leaders and support staff. Our agreement references the South Australian Teaching for Effective Learning Framework (TfEL) and categorises our work into the following areas: personalising learning, planning and programming, forming productive partnerships as well as pedagogical and reflective practices.
Our Site Improvement Plan (SIP) articulates specific actions to develop the high-level literacy and numeracy skills required by learners in the 21st century as well as ways we support senior students achieve their personal best through the South Australian Certificate of Education. Banksia Park International High School is one the five entrepreneurial specialist schools In South Australia. As a specialist school we offer a specialist entrepreneurial pathway for students, whilst also developing the mindset and ability of students in all subject areas to Identify and solve problems.

Priority 2
Global citizenship and cultural competence
As an international school we are committed to developing intercultural understanding through our community. We welcome students and staff from a range of cultural backgrounds understanding that cultural diversity enriches and strengthens our school community and the educational experiences we offer.
Through attending Banksia Park International High School students develop an understanding and appreciation for diversity, local and global Issues, ethics, leadership, providing service and sustainability. Through their studies all students develop their ability to communicate effectively, Including across cultures and languages, using a variety of communication strategies.

Priority 3
Student wellbeing and support

The wellbeing of our students is Integral to our success as a school. It is important to our community that all students feel safe, supported and valued. Our processes to support student wellbeing are defined through our wellbeing framework including our focus on developing and maintaining a positive learning environment, supporting student leadership opportunities, monitoring student learning and celebrating the success of individuals and groups of students.
Every student at Banksia Park International High School plans a pathway of study with support from their teachers. Students learn about career options through both our extended care group program and with support from subject experts.

Our values
Our plans, decisions and actions are guided by our values of
     commitment to learning and personal improvement.
     respect and responsibility for each other, our environment and ourselves.
     global citizenship and world-class standards.

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