Students at Banksia Park International High School have many opportunities to become actively involved in leadership, decision-making and accountability processes within the school. Through the various student voice groups, leadership programs and activities, our students are able to build self-confidence, gain a willingness to work with others, set goals, show a genuine interest in people, show empathy and rapport.


Middle school, senior school, year 12 forums

Students, both at middle and senior levels, can nominate to be a part of the middle school, senior school and year 12 forums. These meetings occur twice a term. Students meet with peers and staff to share ideas, concerns and give advice on issues that impact them, such as IT, grounds and the canteen. They develop a sense of responsibility and leadership, meet new people and build positive relationships in all areas of the school community, develop their personal character, and learn new skills (teamwork, analysis, negotiation, investigation, generating ideas and solutions).


Principal’s forum

Representatives from the above forums comprise the Principal’s forum. The Principal’s forum representatives meet with and advise the Principal on whole school concerns and issues. Meetings occur once a term.


Student committees

Students can become a part of a consultative committee or group (often with staff and parents) when student representatives are required. Some examples include:

  • Governing council
  • Uniform committee
  • Canteen committee
  • Year 12 Formal committee