The Global Citizens Medal was established at Banksia Park International High School in 2003 to recognise the qualities that many of our students acquire and develop throughout their secondary schooling. This program was awarded a National Quality Schooling Award in 2004.

The Global Citizens Medal recognises the following capabilities:

  • aware, empowered humans developing identity and wellbeing
  • eclectic, visionary thinkers and innovators developing and challenging futures thinking
  • respectful, responsive communicators and team members, developing collaborative interactions with others
  • resouceful, reliable implementers and performers developing capabilities for enterprising endeavour
  • discerning, supportive advocates and contributors developing global interdependence with the world.

Students submit an application where they identify these qualities in themselves, list various organisations they are a part of, add activities they have been involved in, recognise their achievements and contributions to the school and wider community. Students submit references and conduct a presentation to a panel about a global issue where they demonstrate their characteristics in becoming a global citizen.

Recipients are awarded their medal at the annual valedictory.


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