Banksia Park International High School

Entering Year 7 into 2024

Students in year 6 who currently attend a South Australian Government school will receive a registration of interest form and information by email distributed early in term 2.  Families then complete an online form indicating their preferred secondary school.

Students in year 6 who currently attend a private school can send an email enquire to requesting year 6 to 7 enrolment with the following details:

  • student’s name
  • current school
  • your name, address and mobile number
  • the school you wish to enrol at.

Year 6 to 7 In Zone Enrolments

Students whose permanent and primary place of residence is within the Banksia Park International High School zone (as decided by the South Australian Department for Education) are automatically offered a placement at the school. Proof of residence may be required due to high demand for enrolments.

Year 6 to 7 Out of Zone Enrolments

The registration of interest form that is emailed out early in term 2 contains information for parents who wish to enrol their child at a school, even if they live out of the school zone. Enrolments for students from outside our zone are processed by South Australian Department for Education and are criteria based. Families are strongly encouraged to write supporting statements addressing the following criteria:

  • Distance
  • Curriculum
  • Social and family links
  • Transport / location convenience
  • Disability

Students entering year 7 who are out of zone are eligible to apply for the entrepreneurial specialist program. This is a special entry program through an application process. More information can be found in the Entrepreneurial Specialist Program

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